Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where are you guys?

I saw the kid jack 2 out of the park. Had lunch with a friend who never gets weekends off.

Its tuesday. We got folks comin here to read.

You believe I dont but the 3 of us are pissed. Help me out.


Anonymous said...

Hi 3POed Vets--

I'd welcome your thoughts on the Bloggers on Torture Project:


Thanks! Maiden (also a pissed-off vet)

Peace Vet said...

Thanks for the invite. I visited your site and will try to post there soon.

Bottom line is that torture doesn't work and anyone who does it a sick fook.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Just post your thoughts on your site when you're ready, and I'll link to them on mine. Thanks, PeaceVet!

jae said...

where is everybody?


I hope you all are OKAY.

Peace Vet said...