Friday, June 22, 2007

Army Spc in Iraq says NO MORE!

Army Spc Eleon "Eli" Israel has refused to participate in the occupation of Iraq any longer. I think this young man has taken a very brave action. I also think those who think his refusal doesn't reflect the sentiments of thousands of his brothers and sisters are naive as hell.

If you know this occupation is wrong and should be ended support Eli and others like him. They don't have the time to wait for an election.

Bring' Em Home!


jae said...

I saw this from my email group "Courage To Resist"....

We're all with you Eli!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eli Israel (if that is his real name) is a phony. He's lying through his teeth.

Peace Vet said...

Hey jae, right on,

I thank u for your contribution assyiamanass. Please contribute more when yo get beyond reading bumper stickers.

Other wise give me a link that proves Eli a liar or STFU and move on.

Peace Vet said...

It seems IVAW has taken the story down from their site. I dont know whats up. I'll try to find out.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Its still on their site:

And he is a phony.

He did not refuse an order. He was told to pull guard duty and refused. He was not going on a "mission". He has a less than honerable past in the military. Got kicked out of the USMC, has been in the brig for 45 days while in the Corps, he has NOT seen combat, not been given any medals, this is BS by himself trying to save his butt. He is an E-4 who has been demoted before with several issues with authority. He is a coward who has no integrity.

Peace Vet said...

Thanks E.

The latest update on their site is 6/22.

My question is where you get your info from?

A E4 who has been "busted a number of times" must have some time in service.

And why did the army take him if he was kicked out of the marines?

I have problems with authority and 3 yrs in the army was enough for me.

Anonymous said...

"And why did the army take him if he was kicked out of the marines?"

Kentucky National Guard. That I'm trying to figure out. I'm assuming they were hard up for recruits.

"I have problems with authority and 3 yrs in the army was enough for me."

Who doesnt after three years? However, once you;re in, you gotta take it.

Peace Vet said...

Maybe if more of the folks who claim they support the fiasco had sand in their boots the military wouldnt be so hard up eh? Guess the rah rah shit is falling on deaf ears and the "real patriots" are being called upon to fill the gap.

Its much more fun and safer to wage war from a keyboard.

As for having to "to obey orders" once your in, I believe in a GI Bill Of Rights.

Once you come to realize the war you enlisted to fight in was built on lies and deceit you have every right to call BS. said...

Thomas Barton who edits GI Special (and Vietnam GI for those of you old enough to remember that paper) has also said his story doesn't add up.

I saw his post on the IVAW website and he said he was a body guard in the National Guard. I saw his profile on soliciting contributions for the Mike Gravel campaign. If he was real I think we'd have a little more of his story by now.

Peace Vet said...

Thanks Binh.

The info is scarce on all sides.

Badger 6 said...

yes - because Hussein and his rape rooms and AQI and their Islamist vision for the world is so much preferable.

How come you guys can only come up with disaffected specialists?

Peace Vet said...

WTF are you talking about?