Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's like deja vu all over again....

Can someone tell me when we, as the American people, are finally going to get fed up with the idiot-in-chief? I'm serious....

Now it's Iran who supports Hamas, Hezbollah, is pursuing WMDs, etc. Didn't we just go through this four years ago?

And if, as the most corrupt, incompetent administration in the history of the country now claims, we are fighting for democracy in the Middle East, why are we so determined to demonize groups that, while I think they are despicable, have actually been brought to power in elections that are actually more fair than the last two presidential elections in our own beloved democracy?

As I watch the Bush administration continue to dismantle our Constitution, I can't help but wonder -- why is it that the Democrats, moderate Republicans, and independents still allow this bullshit? It just makes me want to puke.

Yes, 9/11 was one of probably the two most catastrophic days in our history. I lost two very good friends that day, and it pissed me off. Yet when I hear rhetoric such as, "if we don't fight them there, we'll have to fight them here," I wonder why we don't seem to have a single politician in the country willing to stand up and be counted. Let's face it, from the 50's through the 80's we actually had an enemy who had the power to destroy us. We defeated them. And we all know that while the fanaticists in the Middle East have the power to inflict damage -- and possibly some severe damage -- on us, they do not, by any stretch of the imagination have the power to destroy us as the Soviet Union did.

In fact, it seems to me that the most dangerous thing my beloved country faces -- and I speak as a disabled vet -- is the administration currently in power which seems determined to eliminate the Constitution. And why 28% of the country still supports them is absolutely beyond me.

But hell, I guess it really doesn't matter in the long run. We're raising a generation of idiots, as Miss Teen South Carolina has amply demonstrated, and it is surely more important for Bubba, Billy Bob and all the other 28% who still continue to blindly support our idiot-in-chief to worry about how Michael Vick's woes will affect their fantasy football team.

I'm sorry, this is the first time in a while that this pissed off vet has posted, but I'm more sorry that no one seems to give a crap.

By the way, we lost a few more soldiers today. I guess that doesn't really matter to most folks in this country.

Good news....and bad news

OK, I am so pissed off at the Democratic Party that I haven't posted anything in quite a while -- but this really takes the cake.

I heard Bruce's new single, "Radio Nowhere," today. I personally can't wait for the new album to be released. And then I saw the first tour dates.

You see, I grew up and now live again in Arizona. If any of you know anything about Springsteen's history, you'll know that we loved him in Phoenix long, long before anybody in Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. ever heard of him. We are fanatical. Yet, today I found that he's not going to be performing in Phx, Vegas, or anywhere within 350 miles of me in the first leg of the tour. He will be in L.A. on Oct. 28, but there's still no announcement of the venue or when tickets will go on sale.

Maybe this seems petty, but this actually pisses me off as much as the way the Dems caved on the freakin' surveilance act.

What is going on, Bruce? Did you forget all those peeps out here who sold out shows when you couldn't draw 500 people in other towns?

I'm sorry, but I am really, really fucking angry today. I just finished checking on hotels in the L.A. area for Oct. 28 and it looks like I'm going to have to pay more than $300 bucks for a room in the L.A. area due to conventions booked that week. C'mon Bruce, can't you use one of those open dates to do a show that I, as a poor, working fan of yours, can actually attend?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Im a fat person

The rumours of the LP and tour are growing. I so wish my old friends who stop by here, oops Mel yer up.
E Streets on the move,


Portland and SeaTown?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the mouth of Eli Israel

Iraq Vets Against The War is a group of men and women who have done their time in a "war/occupation" built on lies.

They spend their days taking the hard earned experiences, many earned in blood to military bases, demostrations, forums and other meetings across the country. Their message is clear.


For bringing that experience to the people they've been arrested by MPs and the Police, called "back stabbers" and "traitors" by cowbell clanging "vets on bikes" and "cowards by people who have never worn a uniform in their lives.

Rather than back down in the face of this BS IVAW continues to "bring forth the truth".

When Eli refused to follow orders he was supported by many but also attacked and ridiculed by others.

Here is his story. Believe him or those who attack him. It's your choice.

I'll support IVAW every way I can.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So bush warns Iran about Iraq.........

or was it Iraq about Iran? who da fook knows? The little imp can't remember so why should we?

I want to link a article from the Times about a 23 year old on his 4th tour that should have been home in June but got extended and died with 3 of his brothers yesterday but I dont want to remind you of the fucking war.

My thinking is that for every GI that dies at least 2 if not more are maimed, at least 10 Iraqis have been zapped and 30 maimed.

Meanwhile america says "lets try this".

War cuts off peoples arms, makes fathers have to touch the faces of their daughters rather than see the beauty and america says "we have time".

Yep!!!!!!! Our asses arent on the line anymore.

Fook those who say "It dont mean nothin" and we have time.

A 24 year old kid on his 4TH tour died with 3 of his brothers. Sitting back on our cynical Preparation H using asses makes us old. I'll grow up the day before I die.


Fuck with me old friends.

most times i sit down here I'm so angry i cant say a word. i rant like a 19 year old who watched a man older than me, maybe 28 step over the bodies of my friends to grab a cupie doll and show no respect.

If you stumble across here ill try but be warned. I think im more pissed than the other 2.