Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy birthday to me.

I spent my 20th birhday in a hospital in Vietnam. Today I'm spending my 57th sitting at a cumputer wondering what folks will be saying about this piece of shit occupation in 20 let alone 30 years.

It devided the country but I had a support the troops sticker on my car? on my car? Boy, we didnt let that hippy chick spit on the vets during Iraq did we? Yeah man, all politicians suck?

I sure hope those who have told us we'll have to wait to see if its right or wrong have given all they can to the new Wall before they sit down to their meal on Memorial Day.

I hope they have the proof that shows the thousands who have died have not done so in vain.

I've been accused of trying to turn the subject of every conversation I'm involved in towards Iraq. I plead guilty.


Anonymous said...

I landed here through another pissed off veterans blog.

It's your birthday! Hurraaaay!

I wish I could wish an end to all wars for you. Oh boy I wish.

Peace Vet said...

I thought the useless war My friends fought, died in, were maimed, ignored and imprisoned for refusing to participate in was the last.

I got a rude awakening. We are ruled by some ruthless, arogant, selfish bastards who dont give a fook who dies.

Lets get really pissed ok?