Friday, July 20, 2007

A brilliant op-ed piece

I wholeheartedly urge any of you who read this blog to read this opinion piece from Timothy Garton Ash in today's L.A. Times regarding the future and consequences of the Iraq fiasco.

Ash closes with this:

"In history, the most important consequences are often the unintended ones. We do not yet know the longer-term unintended consequences of Iraq. Maybe there is a silver lining hidden somewhere in this cloud. But as far as the human eye can see, the likely consequences of Iraq range from the bad to the catastrophic.

"Looking back over a quarter of a century of chronicling current affairs, I cannot recall a more comprehensive and avoidable man-made disaster."

More Good News from the Middle East

According to NBC News this evening, President Musharraf in Pakistan is in imminent danger of having his government toppled, leading to what Brian Williams said could be called the number one foreign policy crisis the United States will face in the near future.

As usual when dealing with foreign policy crises, the Bush administration, after having poured billions of dollars into supporting Musharraf's dictatorship, has no plan B for what to do about Pakistan if his government does fall to a coup of some sort.

Why does this not surprise me?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chickenhawk for dinner, anyone?

Here's another one from Crooks and Liars -- this is priceless.

A great discussion on impeachment

I urge everyone who hasn't seen it to watch this discussion from Bill Moyer's Journal on impeachment. And a special thanks to Crooks and Liars for publishing it.

Took a break

I sure hope Bruce and E Street play SeaTown.

Dont understand how folks can support this war and not be in it.

I think if al the folks who dont vote and claim they dont give a fook stood on a corner in america on 10/12/07 and gave a fook the world could change.