Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I found this a very interesting read.

I hope it generates some discussion.



jae said...

Woo, that is beyond my reading capability at this hour, but I have bookmarked and will read.

Thanks for sharing and thanks to ALL THREE PISSED VETS for keeping on. I really missed you guys.

Peace Vet said...

Missed you.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Fook War

jae said...

I did read some of this tonight and I found this bit particularly interesting:
"What these organizations, all non-profit, have in common is that they are white, middle-class dominated and they lead their respective flocks to the Democratic tent."
AMEN. The Elephant in the room.
I love the link to all the articles too. Discovering good writing on current events always brings me hope.
I just found this guy a couple weeks ago:
Just awesome writing.

jae said...

Oh, and another great piece is the DVD "American Blackout" which is about the voting irregularites and voter disenfranchisement in predominantly black communities.

I felt embarssed to be american when the US govt invaded Iraq, but I felt embarassed to be white when the levees of New Orleans let the water destroy entire neighborhoods.

Peace Vet said...

I think a lot of us have been red faced from anger, frustration and embarassment in the last six months.

All we want is answers.

The peeps that stole it, started a fookin war and then tell us its our fault are begging us to believe them again.

Fook the politicians. Bring the government issue U.S. born human beings home now.