Saturday, July 14, 2007

Took a break

I sure hope Bruce and E Street play SeaTown.

Dont understand how folks can support this war and not be in it.

I think if al the folks who dont vote and claim they dont give a fook stood on a corner in america on 10/12/07 and gave a fook the world could change.


Mission Man said...

I hope Bruce and E Street play either Vegas or Phoenix --

I don't understand either.

I think you're right -- but unfortunately my level of cynicism has risen so high that I've lost any idealistic belief that something like that will actually happen.

vkfletch said...

For all those people who don't give a fook, its up to us to not only remind them that they have the power to change things, but they also have a responsibility to do so as well.

That and I say we draft them all...that'll get their attention.

Peace Vet said...

I like your blog marine mom.

I agree with you 100% that its up to us to remind.

There are so many things we can do.

Stand on a corner with a Bring Them Home sign 1 hour a week, people will join you.

For 1 week respond to "how ya doin" "how are you" with, "not to well, I think we should bring the troops home, how about you"?

If we don't do such things who will?

There are times I get so frustrated at the lack of anti war motion I want to scream at the top of my lungs IF THERE WAS A DRAFT YOU WOULD CARE PUNK!!!!!!!!

It's a good thing I have friends who remind me that its not my job to send kids to this war, its my job to fight to bring them home.

Mission Man, I think we should link to her blog.


vkfletch said...

You are much nicer than I am Peace Vet, alot of the peace marches/protests I have attended I end up keeping my mouth shut, because I can't guarentee anything fit for primetime is going to come out.
So I wear alot of 'message' shirts instead when I go to town. The VFP shirt is my favorite, second is my IMPEACH shirt. Some days I feel like a walking billboard. Glad I found you guys, Peace Marine Mom

Mission Man said...

"Mission Man, I think we should link to her blog."

Already done.....