Monday, June 11, 2007

Prime Time

Maybe we didnt see the family die because it would have asked us to invest more than we want to. If the mafia tv family dies maybe the deaths in Iraq are real.
The dark screen works every day when we're dealing with the war/occupation doesn't it?

3500 fooking dead and I'll bet the only people who can name a name are family.

Ooops, maybe Im wrong. We all all know who Cody is right?

His mother has been called everything but a mother in mourning.

I dedicate 57 to Cindy, her family and peace.

Fook the soprano organized crime drug dealing womens body selling. DID YOU SEE HOW WHEN AG dissed the yard plant he was ridiculed but when he wanted to go they said no?

Welcome to the assholes who send OUR children to war.

yeah im pissed

Ya wanna show some anger now?

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