Saturday, August 11, 2007

So bush warns Iran about Iraq.........

or was it Iraq about Iran? who da fook knows? The little imp can't remember so why should we?

I want to link a article from the Times about a 23 year old on his 4th tour that should have been home in June but got extended and died with 3 of his brothers yesterday but I dont want to remind you of the fucking war.

My thinking is that for every GI that dies at least 2 if not more are maimed, at least 10 Iraqis have been zapped and 30 maimed.

Meanwhile america says "lets try this".

War cuts off peoples arms, makes fathers have to touch the faces of their daughters rather than see the beauty and america says "we have time".

Yep!!!!!!! Our asses arent on the line anymore.

Fook those who say "It dont mean nothin" and we have time.

A 24 year old kid on his 4TH tour died with 3 of his brothers. Sitting back on our cynical Preparation H using asses makes us old. I'll grow up the day before I die.


Fuck with me old friends.


jae said...

May I please link to this post on my MySpace blog?

Peace Vet said...

Of course my friend.