Sunday, August 19, 2007

Im a fat person

The rumours of the LP and tour are growing. I so wish my old friends who stop by here, oops Mel yer up.
E Streets on the move,


Portland and SeaTown?


Mission Man said...

I'm hoping for Phoenix and Las Vegas. C'mon, Bruce -- I need a new E Street fix!

Peace Vet said...

I hear ya brother. The man was born to R&R and E Street was born to give him power.

So wish we could see a show together. Maybe eh?

Mission Man said...

Hey Roy, I see you and the folks up in the NW got screwed as well as far as the new tour goes.....

Maybe we can meet in L.A. and see a show...if you and Kat will allow me to sleep on the floor of your hotel room...and if I can actually get a ticket!

Hairy Swede said...

He needs to make his way to Denver!