Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the mouth of Eli Israel

Iraq Vets Against The War is a group of men and women who have done their time in a "war/occupation" built on lies.

They spend their days taking the hard earned experiences, many earned in blood to military bases, demostrations, forums and other meetings across the country. Their message is clear.


For bringing that experience to the people they've been arrested by MPs and the Police, called "back stabbers" and "traitors" by cowbell clanging "vets on bikes" and "cowards by people who have never worn a uniform in their lives.

Rather than back down in the face of this BS IVAW continues to "bring forth the truth".

When Eli refused to follow orders he was supported by many but also attacked and ridiculed by others.

Here is his story. Believe him or those who attack him. It's your choice.

I'll support IVAW every way I can.


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Anonymous said...

You people are anti american pond scum. How can you write in protest about veterans in the ME that fight for our Freedom.
Remember this Vietnam veteran told you this, Freedom is not Free. Time to smarten the hell up and give these heroes the respect they deserve.