Monday, February 19, 2007

Supporting the troops

This appeared in yesterday's Washington Post and if it doesn't make you angry, then you're just not paying attention. It's a perfect example of how this administration and the Repubs in Congress spout lip service to "supporting the troops," but refuse to do exactly that.

Obviously, saying that you support the troops and putting a magnetic sticker on your SUV is much more important than actually doing anything.

Today's followup article


Mr. A said...

This was always my biggest concern entering this "conflict"

Will the troops be taken care of at the end of the war or will they be thrown out into the streets like they were after vietnam?

Sadly it seems not much has changed since the 70s.

Medic said...

This won't make you feel better about this shameful situation, but go here:

to see the latest "Support The Troops" ribbon with what the current administration really means by it.