Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something new or deja vu

I had the chance to hear Ron Kovic interviewed by Randi Rhodes last night. It really wasn't an interview because the minute Randi asked her first question Ron let loose and rapped almost non stop. With a hundred more Rons we could end this fookin war in a month.

Anyone surprised by the conditions in building 18 (see mission mans posts) should read an essay Ron wrote over a year ago.

Randi has last night's interview up on her site. .

Like Ron says "we should demand more than an investigation".

The current administration has lied to us for 5 years about this war. Now they say the conditions facing the wounded is a big surprise. BS! With every bill they intruduce more money is taken from those who suffer because of it. They know very well what they're doing.

I ask you.

Whats a pissed off vet to do?

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