Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey we're a team!!!!!!!!

Welcome MEDIC I'm sure you'll get under the skin of a few folks who drop by here. Oh well.

I'll tell ya guys the last week has been hard on me. The articles here and the images on TV of our brothers and sisters being treated like cattle is taking my head to some places it hasn't been in a while. I know the smells and moans are coming back to you too MED.

If our sons and daughters are being treated this way at home I can't imagine how the "collateral damaged" (wounded civilians) are being treated in hospitals in Iraq where the electricity functions only a few hours a day in some places.

Though some will jump to defend these deplorable conditions most in this country are outraged and maybe this time some things will change.

From the days Civil War vets had to stay in line for days waiting for their papers that were bound by "red tape", yes thats where the words came from, to the day "Dugout Doug" ordered his men to beat and bayonet "Bonus Marchers" while burning down their tents vets have had to fight for every damn thing they've received from this government.

Ask any vet who has gone through the "red tape" to receive their Agent Orange or Gulf Syndrome bennies.

I can't believe there are officers in the military who would defend this BS. But thats me.

I'm a "traitor who stabbed my brothers in the back for protesting in the 60's", and "have the blood of the dead and wounded on my hands" today because I march against this one.

Whats a pissed off vet to do?


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Medic said...

For our beliefs, we have been called everything in the book. Remember we used to be called "commies". Now it's "terrorist lover", and from the exact same kind of people. If they were not afraid of us and our message, they would just leave us alone. They are terrified that they are realizing we are right now as we were then. Blood on our hands?????? We want bushco's dirty little war to end. We want our sons and daughters to come home. We are not the one's who want the bloodshed to continue and we are told WE have blood on our hands!!! How absurd.

End this war, bring our children home. Stop the madness.