Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Occasionally the press works...

It seems that the series the Post has been running on Walter Reed Hospital has drawn the attention of the powers that be. Today's installment tells us that repairs are beginning since "Walter Reed and Army officials have been "meeting continuously for three days" since the articles began appearing."

Isn't it a shame that we treat our vets and our soldiers this way until the light of the press begins to glare upon the powers that allow this disgrace to happen? If you haven't noticed, I'm very happy that things are beginning to change, but I'm also still pissed off that they were allowed to reach that condition in the first place.

And what happens when the light of the press fades? Based on this administration's record of funding for vets, I have no doubt that this is a temporary fix that will be forgotten in very short time. The next question is how many other facilities out there are in the same condition? Having visited a few VA hospitals in my time, I've no doubt that there are more than I want to think about.

Come on folks -- if you really support the troops, then contact your congressman and your senators, as well as the WH, and let them know that this is unacceptable.

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Badger 6 said...


Once again proving you are profoundly unserious and partisan.

The problems of WRAMC are long term and serious. They reflect a hidebound bureacracy. The things that one sees there have similiar things throughout not just the Army or the Department of Defense, but the US Government.

Note too that WRAMC has been on the BRAC list thanks to the pols so money would not have been sent there.

The US military has needed more money and better management for years, but it is disengousess for you to act like you have always been for a robust defense budget.

Finally, I know that you are for some sort of Nationalized and Socialized Healthcare. What you see at WRAMC is what you will see for everyone if National Healthcare is adopted.

Badger 6

PS - If you want your blog to be successful add some original content, not just pardoying left wing rants. GL is fine for that.