Friday, February 1, 2008

So why the hell is he a hero?

He got shot down and taken prisoner. He knew the Gulf Of Tonkin was a BS story. (he was there) If the people who are going to vote for him had their way he'd still be in the Hilton.

Whats his name?



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jae said...


Peace Vet said...

Yeah jae.

I posted this because I think the word hero is thrown around too much.

He got a MOH. Why didnt every POW.

Peace Vet said...

Thanks tor.

jae said...

"Why didnt every POW"

Good question.

Actually, I think *anyone* who serves should get more than a medal of honor, but that's just me. I am sickened by the VA's shenanigans, the WR scandal, the Fort Worth issues....I could go on and on. There is nothing but disgrace regarding the treatement of those returning. Serious changes are needed.