Monday, January 28, 2008

MisState of the Union

Well, that was, at the very least, a completely uninspirational SOTU address. It seemed to me to be a laundry list of the the last seven years -- war on terror (we're winning and it's the ideological struggle of this century); Congress ineffectual (damned Democrats, won't give me everything I want for my rich cronies); entitlement programs that must be fixed (privatize SS & Medicare now! Do you hear me?); and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

Why can't a lame duck President at least make a transparent attempt to reach out, not only across the aisle, but to all Americans who want to be inspired by our leaders? Is this guy's ego really so fragile that he is psychologically unable to at least make an effort, especially when his party looks as if it's falling into an abyss heading into this election?

Perhaps Presidents should be forced to undergo serious psychiatric analysis while in office -- in this case, it certainly couldn't have hurt.

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Peace Vet said...

I agree D. The bastid lied about a prevented T attack he claimed last year. Last year it was proven to be a BS claim.

What in the fook is wrong with the man? 55 minutes od oral cow dung.