Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why I'm supporting Barack Obama

I voted in the Arizona primary this week, and my vote went to Barack Obama. There are several reasons why I'm supporting him, but one in particular stands head and shoulders above all the others: he spoke against the war when it was an act of political courage to do so, and she voted for it.

My problem with Senator Clinton isn't just that she voted for the war -- a sizable number of Democratic senators did (Dodd, Edwards, Daschle, etc). My problem is that she still refuses to admit that it was a mistake. The others did.

The present idiot-in-chief has consistently proven that he cannot admit a mistake. The last thing I want to see is another President with that same character flaw.

Don't get me wrong. Come the general election, I'll vote for the Democratic nominee, whether it be Obama or Clinton. I don't think our Constitution and government can stand four more years of Republican rule. And after watching John McCain as my Senator for over twenty years, you couldn't pay me enough money to vote for him. So I'll do anything I can to see a Democrat get elected and to see that they increase their majorities in each house. However, if the nominee is Obama, it will be a lot easier to be enthusiastic about my support.


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bogiesmom58 said...

Well, how cool is this!! Thanks so much for your comments - if only you three could be heard throughout this country as we go to 2008 presidential election. Thank you for speaking out and being the brave, authentic, and honest people you are. And I got to this website because I am a huge fan of Bruce - so nice to to hear that he inspires you - he tells it like it is!