Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chickenhawk for dinner, anyone?

Here's another one from Crooks and Liars -- this is priceless.

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Peace Vet said...

Great to see you bro.

I'm listening to Bruce Tacoma 10/19/84. Great set. Anyway, I have a hell of a time dealing with these kind of jerkoffs.

One more coward who thinks Cindys son died for his right to to get in her face and ask stupid assed questions.

Whats gonna happen if we pull out?

Guess what idiot, Iraqis are going to kill each other just like they are now.

Of course you do have the right to go over and put your ass on the line to stop it.

I'll tell ya D. When guys like this get in my face they dont get treated nearly as nice as those vets treated him.

I've taken a pledge of non violence so all I can do is verbally turn them into piles of goo.

Yes I talk much better than I type. LOL

Sherry Darlin, rockin out MM.

Again, great to have ya back.