Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Our Service Contract Has Been Broken

This piece by Bobby Muller was just posted at, and I know that Peace Vet and Medic would want it shared here. Please read it, if you haven't already.

A quote: "When my government asked me to serve, I did. I paid an immense personal price, and my country subsequently turned its back on me. I had been betrayed."

"As the war began to wind down and we became aware that our government lied about the necessity and purposefulness of the war, I became very angry and the betrayal that I felt was debilitating."

After four years of another unnecessary, purposeless war (unless you consider our domination of all the oil in the Middle East a valiant purpose for the sacrifice of our fighting men/women), we need to pay heed to what folks like Bobby, Peace Vet and Medic have to say. They've seen it, done it....and, unfortunately, been repaid abysmally.


Peace Vet said...

Thanks for posting this MM. I really don't have anything to add to Bobby's essay. He's always been good about not beating around the bush and telling it like it is.

His intro on makes the boot all the more powerful and hard hitting.

I just heard a report that the stories we've been hearing are happening 3 fold.

One facility lost over 200 employees so the understaffing is rampant.

I wonder if these jobs are being contracted out t some of Dim Sons buddies.

Damn these bastids piss me off!

CitizenEarth said...

I wonder if the whole issue of control of the world's remaining oil reserves has been sidetracked somewhat by the "terrorist" propaganda smokescreen. And, in fact, does the Bush/Cheney coup d'etat think the rest of the world is going to continue sitting idly by while the U.S. grabs the oil? At some point China may want to have a say in what's going on. I wonder...has the Bush family cartel already started World War III?