Friday, March 9, 2007

Bush predicted the latest scandal

Glenn Greenwald over at Salon notes that only Silent Patriot at Crooks & Liars brought this up:

"[The] NSL reporting requirements imposed by Congress were precisely the provisions which President Bush expressly proclaimed he could ignore when he issued a "signing statement" as part of the enactment of the Patriot Act's renewal into law. Put another way, the law which the FBI has now been found to be violating is the very law which George Bush publicly declared he has the power to ignore."

I have to agree with Greenwald when he himself notes in his column, "When a country is ruled by an individual who repeatedly and openly arrogates unto himself the power to violate the law, and specifically proclaims that he is under no obligation to account to Congress or anyone else concerning the exercise of radical new surveillance powers such as NSLs, it should come as absolutely no surprise that agencies under his control freely break the law."

Is it really any surprise that Alberto Gonzales felt perfectly free to politicize the U.S. Attorney's Office, or that Scooter Libby got caught lying to cover up for his boss, the V.P.?

I truly believe that there are no depths to which this administration will not sink in order to try to prolong and promulgate its power. As Medic noted in an earlier post here, these guys are starting to make me pine for the days of Nixon.


CitizenEarth said...

What amazes me is that there are still staunch Bush supporters out there.

CitizenEarth said...

I should probably retract that statement about Bush supporters. It sounds defeatist, and I didn't intend that. There are always going to be some knucklehead apologists for the empire. Even Hitler had to have a base of support from a section of the people. What matters is that more citizens wake up to what's going on. And you 3 pissed off vets are doing a great job to make that happen. Keep it going!

Medic said...

Thank you, citizenearth. The three of us are from all over the country but have the same love of America in common. If we chose to overlook the things we know are wrong, we wouldn't be doing our duty as citizens. It is our concern with what is being done to our country that makes this blog necessary.