Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is God an idiot?

I usually think I'm a pretty bright guy, but the more I get into this blogging, the more I realize there are some really smart people out there who are a lot more on top of things than I am.

For example: I've railed for a long time (as have both of my partners here) about Bush relying on his conversations with God to take us into a totally unnecessary war which has cost the lives of well over 3000 American soldiers and uncounted Iraqi civilians. However, I really never made the connection that Bill Cusack makes at Huffington Post.

As Cusack notes, the God that talked to Bush must really hate us.

"Why does God want to destroy us and humiliate us? There is no doubt that is exactly what is happening. All of Bin Laden's dreams and goals are coming true. God isn't just teaching us a lesson in Iraq from which we can recover- he is stripping away our strength and power. We are done in the Middle East as a military influence, and we are now fated to sit by and watch China become king of the hill. Does God love Osama Bin Laden more than he loves Bush? Why is Bush taking orders from a God who loves Osama Bin Laden and wants to humiliate the U.S.? Did Allah kill Jesus? Jesus was a pacifist, after all, and Allah has been known to kick some serious booty- doesn't even seem like a fair fight. Poor, poor Jesus!

Perhaps Cusack is right with his conclusion:

"God put Bush in power to bring down the authorities that run this world so we will be forced to take responsibility for our lives and for our government. What say you men of faith in Bush? What does your God say now? I for one would like Bush to come clean and release the tapes of his conversation with the God who ordered this idiotic, unwinnable self-destructive war. And there had better not be any 18 minute gaps."

All I can say is, damn, I wish I had thought of and written this piece. And I hope that God, if he's really there, doesn't equate me with GWB in any form or fashion.


Anonymous said...

"Is God an idiot?"

I've always wondered whether anyone with a bad back, bad knees, or a prostate could believe in intelligent design and not malicious design...

CitizenEarth said...

Excellent comment, Steveg.

Wonder said...

You did write 'about it'
There will be a Blog Against Theocracy week of easter. Our political gods and prophets in office is where I am leaning towards that subject area in my blog against theocracy post/s.