Monday, July 28, 2008

A must for all Bruce fans!

A couple of months ago I ran across a fairly new blog about Springsteen and his music, but one with a definite twist. Soul Boogie Alex has created Boss Tracks and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

What makes Alex's blog different is that it focuses on two unusual aspects of the Springsteen fan experience. First, he gives background in amazing detail of the cover songs Bruce has done through his career, usually posting both an MP3 of the original and an MP3 of a Bruce cover version from one of the bootlegs. Second, for those of us who collect bootleg Springsteen recordings, Alex gives us detailed reviews of both old and new releases. While we disagree on which era of Springsteen's career might have been the best (Alex leans toward the Born to Run tour, while I tend to prefer the Darkness tour recordings), the reviews are invaluable to a collector -- especially one like me who wants to own every great bootleg release, but not necessarily every release.

To steal from Stephen Colbert, I send a "Tip of my hat" to Alex and urge all you Springsteen fans to check out Boss Tracks. You'll find it well worth your time!

With that said, here's a new Bruce video for you -- "Mary's Place" from the July 19, 2008 show at Camp Nou in Barcelona. It doesn't have great sound quality, but it definitely captures the experience of seeing a great live Bruce performance. Hope you enjoy it!!


SoulBoogieAlex said...

Finding this in my Google reader is a very nice start of the day. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Of all the great armies of rock fans, few can match the devotion of Bruce Springsteen's. Anyone who has experienced Springsteen in concert will testify that the bond between audience and artist transcends the usual adulation. Something magical, almost mystical happens. Some might describe it as spiritual-most definitely it is life affirming. It is in trying to nail this phenomenon that the beautiful hardbound book For You has arrived.

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