Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, USA!

Hello, I'm back again after a considerable absence while looking for work. Let me tell you, this economy really sucks -- especially trying to find a job where I reside. Oh well, enough of that...on to more important things.

First, today's video is from July 1988, a rousing version of Born In The U.S.A. performed in East Berlin. It seemed appropriate, especially since Bruce opened his show in Gothenburg, Sweden, today with the song. I looked for a full clip of that but couldn't find it -- but this is an great substitution (and check out the audience and their participation)!

Next, it's time for me to express my intense disapproval of Barack Obama's decision to support the "compromise" FISA bill. When I use the term "compromise" it should actually read "Democratic capitulation to the lame-duck Bush administration and fear-mongering Republicans." Don't get me wrong, I'm still supporting Obama -- but this stance seems antithetical to everything I've thought the man was standing for and it pisses me off to no end. I know that a Dem has to move to the center to a degree to have any chance of winning in the general election, but this abandonment of the Constitution by a Constitutional Law professor in order to draw some "moderates" is wrong, no matter how you look at it. Come back Barack from wherever it is you've gone -- we need the guy who got me to overcome my cynicism and believe in hope again, not the one caving into the Repubs for fear of looking weak on terror.

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