Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Kristol Klear prediction

I have to love Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and (inexplicably) the New York Times. I look forward now to Monday mornings since the Times added him to their op-ed page (I'm assuming it's due to some repressed comedic sensibility that the grey lady has heretofore kept well hidden). Today's column in the Times shows off our man Bill's brilliance at reading politics once again. A little excerpt, for your delectation:

Perhaps the most obvious way McCain could upend the normal dynamics of this year’s election would be a bold vice presidential choice. He could pick a hawkish and principled Democrat like Joe Lieberman....He could persuade the most impressive conservative in American public life, Clarence Thomas, to join the ticket.

Does Kristol really think that McCain could get even one Democratic voter with Lieberman or Thomas on the ticket? Seriously, this guy has been smoking some very serious skunkweed.....

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