Sunday, March 9, 2008

A breath of fresh air in Illinois

One of my best friends lives up in DeKalb, IL. Now my buddy is not the most politically astute person in the world, but ever since he attended my college graduation (from Knox College, the most underrated college in the country) and heard Barack Obama give the 2005 commencement address, he's started to pay a little bit of attention. I think there's a chance that he might actually vote this year, and it will be for Obama. Now here's the good news in his neck of the woods: apparently, everyone is starting to hate Republicans. If my buddy's thinking about voting for Obama in Denny Hastert's old district, the same district that just voted in a Democrat, then indeed the times they're a changin'. And this can't be good for the GOP or the McCain campaign -- not that he stands a chance in Illinois anyway, especially if Obama gets the Dem nomination.

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