Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Shrub ignores Congress again -- no surprise there!

I don't know why this caught me by surprise -- after seeing the attorney scandal and everything else the idiot-in-chief has done for the past six and a half years, nothing should surprise me.

Remember Sam Fox? Sure you do. He's the guy Bush nominated to be the ambassador to Belgium recently. The same guy who donated $50,000 to the Swift Boaties. If you recall, the nomination was pulled when it became apparent that there was no way in hell he could be confirmed by the Senate.

Well, guess what. With the Senate in recess for a week, Bush gave him a recess appointment. That's right, an appointment until the end of term with no necessity for confirmation. Not only that, but if you look at the announcement from the White House, you'll see that they really tried pretty hard to hide it -- all the way at the bottom.

If a Democrat (let's say, for example, Bill Clinton -- or Barack Obama -- or Hillary Clinton -- or Al Gore -- or John Edwards) pulled this kind of crap, I can only imagine the response we'd be hearing from the likes of Crush Limpoop, Bill Orally, Sean Inshannity, etc. I do know that it wouldn't be pretty.

This is without a doubt the most offensive recess appointment Bush has made since John Bolton. If you remember, that was another case of the Prez waiting until Congress was in recess in order to thumb his nose at the confirmation process.

Is this legal? Unfortunately, yes. The recess appointment process was designed to keep government running without lapses during the times Congress takes off -- it was not designed to circumvent the confirmation process. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Federalist Papers knows this. Does it carry an unbelievably rank stench? Of course it does.

If anyone really thinks that George W. Bush has any regard for the Constitution, I want to know what that person has been smoking -- because it's certainly better than anything legal I can find.

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