Monday, April 2, 2007

John McCain -- An Honorable Man

This post may not make much sense. You see, I read the other day the quote by my Senator, John McCain, about how an American could go walking through the streets of Baghdad and feel perfectly safe. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "John McCain is an honorable man..."

Therefore, I was obviously surprised when I saw that John McCain, who is "an honorable man" needed 100 American troops, three Blackhawk helicopters, two Apache gunships, and a kevlar flak jacket to go walking down the street in Baghdad.

But John McCain is an honorable man. So, I guess he's right -- any American can walk down the street in Baghdad and feel completely safe. Right?

As long as you have the entire U.S. military at your disposal, and you stay in the most secured area of the city, you wouldn't be technically lying about being able to walk down the street safely. Right?

Glad to know how much progress we're making over there. Ask John McCain -- an honorable man.

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Wonder said...

you make perfect sense
btw thanks for the link