Saturday, June 28, 2008

I wont say im sorry any more

was talking about the day JFK died today. I knew who Republicans were in the 3rd grade. I've met some of them as the years have past. Very few of them are veterans All the crap aside brothers, (i read because you fight for change) lets take a breath and say no. Lets ask what McCaine has done. Ifeel for you folks who grew up with Ray Gun. Just about everything you accept as norm was paid for in blood under Johnson and Nixon. Ronnie was a pimp. As men and women who have killed for our nation why don't we have the right to demand that every leader who sends a generation to war (yep 5 fookin years of war) expend every last effort to talk?

Anti War Pro War

Lets do a day of peace. Let every veteran on this planet stand up one day and say peace.


Pick a date before the election in the US.

EVERY VET IN THIS NATION STANDS UP AND SAYS PEACE. Do you think it might create a situation of neutrality? Nah thats not possible.

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PeaceVet said...

Hey Peace Vet. I have used the handle online of PeaceVet for a number of years, at least since 2005. No problem for me, we seem to share the same feelings about our experiences in Nam. I was there in 67-68... Tet.

Peace Brother... PeaceVet